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If you’re considering real estate transactions, such as buying, selling or leasing property, it is wise to get legal advice and representation from Shawna R. Meyer, an experienced Lake Oswego Landlord/Real Estate Attorney. From initial contact and contract reviews to closings and subsequent legal actions like title challenges or evictions, your best results often depend on the legality of your claims and how they are presented.

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The Portland, OR, real estate market is exciting and offers many advantages to those who chose to live here or purchase property in this area. As an investment, real estate can be very lucrative. However, if you are not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, that investment could become a real liability. The best way to avoid problems with real estate matters is to work with Shawna R. Meyer, an experienced landlord/real estate attorney who serves the Portland, OR, region including Beaverton, Tigert, Hillsboro, and Lake Oswego.

Attorney Meyer helps people from nearby counties around Portland with all legal matters that apply to their real estate transactions, including contract reviews. She represents clients at closings and in litigation. Shawna gives each client individual attention and works diligently on their behalf to achieve the best possible results. In her work as a Portland Landlord Attorney, Shawna helps clients resolve legal issues that arise during the course of property rentals or lease agreements.

Property owners, landlords and persons who are buying, selling, or leasing properties sometimes have disputes that are difficult to resolve. With help from an attorney who understands the complex details of these conflicts and applicable laws that govern those relationships, all parties can benefit. Many cases are resolved through Mediation or Arbitration, while other cases move on to Litigation, where legal advice and representation is a must.

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Real Estate Attorney Shawna R. Meyer provides complete services in this area of legal representation, including presenting your case at trial. Typical cases involve disputes about property ownership, boundary issues, property use, and responsibility for damages, liability and matters that involve other persons who may be injured on property. Commercial property owners may have legal issues about zoning ordinances, property upgrades or environmental law compliance.

Protect your valuable interests in property use and ownership. To discuss your concerns about landlord or real estate legal matters, contact Shawna R. Meyer in Lake Oswego, OR. Call her now, at 503-605-9170.

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